Saturday, January 22, 2022

The new DORCO PACE 3D Motion Power vs. Pace 7 Power and Pace Power V1 (2011)

 So here is the new battery powered razor by DORCO

Dorco Pace 3D motion power

As mentioned in the previous post, the razor now has 3 steps of vibration, more about that later.

A more ergonomic rounded handle vs. the square handle of the Pace 7 Power, weight is 56g , battery and cartridge included. All soft rubber.

IPX7 waterproof, the common DORCO docking system so you can use the cartridge from DORCO that fit best for you,

Looks like the 4th version of the DORCO PACE POWER also got the magnetic swivel system introduced with the Dorco PACE 3D Motion earlier.

The 3D Motion Power system is working real fine, with better feedback like the system of the Pace 7 3D motion, a bit stronger, not wobbling around if you shake the razor, but still less force needed compared to the flexball system from Gillette.

3 steps of vibration, three differnt modes, shown by LED indicator. You can see and feel the difference,compared to the Pace 7 Power and the Dorco Pace Power V1 the highest mode ist still much lighter, the handle itself won't vibrate that much like the older version, so you don't need to much force to get a good grip.

Price in Korea (gmarket, search for dorco power 3d) is actual around $20 plus shipping and customs
I had to buy via ebay, while there was no offer with international shipping on gmarket at that time and price increased to more than $80 including german taxes and shipping.

Don`t be scared by the viration sound made on the board. Here are the 3 razors like they will sound while holding them in hand for shaving

For an impression how strong the vibration wil feel in your hands - watch them dance (Pace Power V1 is a really strong vibration, mostly in the handle ;-))

Sorry for the quality of the images, my camera got lost, so I had to use my phone instead.

Not the only battery powered models from Dorco, in China or Eastern Europe there is a 3 bladed model the XPEC3 power, To do a review I have to get my hands on a second example of this razor, So if you are a visitor of my blog and are able to offer any assistance to get my hands on DORCO razors and DORCO accessoires, contact me. Thank you for your support and also thank you for visiting my blog

Within the next weeks I'll try to write a few words about the DORCO Slant Stubble Razor, and the new DORCO ECO SHAVE BAMBOO, a new razor with bamboo handle, 3 blades and 59% less plastic. I was able to catch the bamboo as private label direct in Germany.

Thank you for visiting my blog and your feedback

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Saturday, October 30, 2021

DORCO is still doing it again, the new DORCO PACE 3D Motion Power is coming

Not much happening at the blog in the last months due to a new job, 

but DORCO is still going on with new innovations to the razor market.

I missed the campaign on Indiegogo for the DORCO Slant Stubble Razor, so we have to wait for the new razor to be available in the wild.

I also didn't mentioned the new DORCO ECO SHAVE BAMBOO, a new razor with bamboo handle, 3 blades and 59% less plastic,

The visitor c9 left a comment and brought my attention to the new

DORCO PACE 3D Motion POWER razor      

© DORCO (site-screenshot)

I'm not able to read the korean description, but looks like the 4th version of the DORCO PACE POWER got the magnetic swivel system introduced with the Dorco PACE 3D Motion earlier.

IPX7 waterproof, the common DORCO docking system so you can use the cartridge from DORCO that fit best for you, I have to guess, but looks like there are 3 different modes for the vibration, the second big thing new to the PACE POWER, the older versions only got1 vibration mode

So the 4th version of the PACE POWER? Yes

Remember 2010 and 2015 the first and the  2nd  New Generation PACE POWER, then the Pace Power II, a refresh of the new generation version with new design styles and the upgraded 7 blades cartridge.

And now in 2021 the 4th version with all the great features.

I'll try to get the new razors as fast as possible and review it, but due to some pandemic and customs issues it is very hard to buy stuff in South Korea and get it shipped to Germany. Even the ebay sellers shipping the razors earlier, stopped shipping to Germany.

So if you are a visitor of my blog and are able to offer any assistance to get my hands on DORCO razors and DORCO accessoires, contact me. Thank you for your support and also thank you for visiting my blog

Sunday, December 6, 2020

The new Dollar Shave Club razor, first shaving review and more details

Sorry for the delayed review, but we are living in strange times. 

I hope to find you all beeing well and healthy

Thanks to a comment by one of my readers I got aware that the new dollar shave club razors are sold in Walmart and there should be a refresh of the brand in the beginning of 2021 (see for details this DSC site).

The 6 blade razor is sold at walmart in a bundle with the orange striped handle (the one sold at DSC directly with the 4 blades cartridge), shave butter and 4 cartridges for $14.88 and the 4 blade with the black "DSC Executive" handle and 4 carts for $9.88. And according to the back of the box there are more products coming to the store in 2021.

© walmart (screenshot)

As you can see, the cartridges/blades are made in Israel as mentioned in an earlier blog entry. I'm still not ready with the story about the new razor plant and the found connections to KAI.

So today just a short review about the shaving experience and some more detailed pictures.

I haven't used the 6-blade razor as often as I would have liked. The first shave was a 3 day beard and I was really surprised. Even with a good prep before the shave it felt uncomfortable. More like tugging and cutting, not really comfortable. The shave was close and left no irritations or cuts, but also without any comfort for me. Later shaves with one day stubble were not so uncomfortable, but still felt scratchy.

I compared side to side with a Gillette Skinguard, Gillette ProGlide and a Dorco 6 Pro, the new DSC never felt equal in comfort with one of the other blades. No problem of the sharpnes I think, mybe my beard dosn't like the angle or the  grinding of the blades.

See the comment of one of my readers who made the same experience with his first shave of the 4 blades DSC razor. Some of the actual comments at the Walmart site (not the one about the free sample) are going in the same direction.

No problems with clogging, the back of the cartridge is totally free compared to the back of the Dorco cartridges

I like the new slim design of the cartridge, the new real genius hinging solution. But I'm not really satisfied with the comfort of the shave.

Skinguard, Pace 6 XL, DSC 6 blade

Skinguard, Pace 6 Pro,  DSC 6 blade

back of the new Dollar Shave Club 6 blade cartridge

back of the new Dorco 6 pro cartridge

the front rubber is pulled further down to the back of the cartridge and acts as a buffer

the front rubber is pulled further down to the back of the cartridge and acts as a buffer

welding spots DSC cartridge

welding spots King of shaves (made by KAI)

welding spots Nivea (made by KAI)

Personna with round welding dots, but 12 and bigger

DSC with round welding dots, but 11 and smaller

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The new Dollar Shave Club Executive 6 blade razor 2020

With the support of Phil Deppen I'm now able to show the new Dollar Shave Club Executive 6 blade razor. He did the shopping at DSC for me and scheduled my parcel to the forwarding service. Thanks again Phil.
The orange striped razor handle from Phils video review looks to be the standard handle for the 4 blade cartridge. A real grip monster, rubber wherever you hold the handle while shaving head or face. But there was a second patent that I didn't pay much attention to

So what if you want a slimmer design just for your facial routine?
Here we go with the all black Executive 6 blade handle, slimmer, rubber only where needed, just a beauty.

DSC new Executive handle

So here are some fast impressions, I'll try to make some more detailed pictures this weekend. Also try to write a small and fast review of the new razor and all the amazing details.

DSC new cartridge box

I don't want to disassemble the cartridge before using it for some shaves, but I see the same round spot welds I saw earlier on previous KAI razors. Personna has similar circular welds, but they use 12 instead of 11, the dots are smaller at KAI, the blade steel looks frosted, not as shiny as the Personna blades
Please remember, it's just my guess. But in my opinion the cutting blades are made by KAI

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Dollar Shave Club Executive - is the new razor not made by Dorco?

Visiting a spanish razor forum can change your knowledge of the small razorworld you knew before in a massive way.

There are some well known companies in the consumer market for cartridge razors, even the OEM markets and brands are clearly marked, so are the subscription services too.

P&G with Gillette has no known white labels, trying to grab the second market with the Gillette 5 and 3 - existing cartridges with new handles. They got their own Gillette Subscription Club

Edgewell Co. owns Schick/Wilkinson and Personna. They cover with the Personna razors a wide range of shaving clubs worldwide and in the OEM markets.

BIC is a smaller player in the system razor market, but they get their own subscription service in the US, UK, France and AFAIK also delivers some cartridges for KOS.

KAI from Japan, mostly known for making DE blades or disposable razors for the US and the european market, they also produced some of the earlier King of Shaves blades.

Dorco is one of the big global players, present nearly all over the world. Big within OEM and subscription services. They also started their own subscription services in the UK, India etc.. But in the US most known to be the producer of the Dollar Shave Club cartridges. So DSC was always known for using the Dorco razors, even after becoming part of the Unilever universe.

Back to the spanish razor forum, in this post a always really well informed user brought a video about a new DSC razor to my attention.

A razor with a new hinge and connecting system, a 6 blade cartridge thinner then seen at most 3 blades razors? Not compatible with any known system worldwide? According to the existing videos with a great blade quality? Incredible that nobody reports about it. And I should have missed such an innovation by Dorco? Mhhhm...
But what's that, welding points on a Dorco blade? Skeptical about this change I started digging a bit in the www. First check with some bigger chinese manufacturers for 6 blades and a lookalike connecting system like seen in the video from notahairmodel. No results.

The next weekend I started searching for patents of connecting systems and cartridges for razors with different variables. Don't ask me today how I found that picture within the first 10 pages of search results.

Great - I found the patent for the cartridge design, but not a direct connection to any other razor company. The inventor "Shlomo Zucker" (who by the way is also connected to the Rolling Razor and the Defender razor) shows the new DSC razor on his website.
I was not able to connect the "PERSONAL CARE MARKETING AND RESEARCH, INC." or later the "PCMR INTERNATIONAL LTD" to any known player in the razor market at first.

Cutting a long and exciting story that should  later be told more widely with all the links and pictures in a video.
The PCMR finally led me to the Dollar Shave Club Israel Co.who builded their own razor factory in Israel! Also part of the Unilever Company. The PCMR also led me to a company named Universal Razor Industries, who partnered with KAI in different ways earlier. So not sure what exactly is produced in Israel, only the mounting of the self produced cartridge parts with delivered cutting blades, or the whole cartridge process from plastic to steel (can't imagine that)

So could KAI be the producer of the new DSC cutting blades?
I will never get 100% proof of that, but there are some circumstances between persons and company names that are showing up often in the different search results. Without having one of the new blades to compare with the KAI blades I own,  I can only guess.

But I'm sure there is no other manufacturer who uses 11 round welding points (should be infringement of patents). Then some long time existing partnerships between involved companys. So IMHO KAI could be the partner for producing the blades of DSC's own new Executive 2020 razor. 
Not sure where the journey is going, from the comments in Phil Deppen's video it sounds like the new razor is actually only sold or offered to customers who are not satisfied with the previously delivered Dorco razors.

But building a new razor factory to satisfy just some thousands of customers in the U.S.? We will see what will happen next. Interesting that in a video from another always well informed observer of the razor products, a german lettering on the cartridge holder is mentioned (4:50)

So it looks like Unilever really built his own razor business from base to top and produces cartridges in Israel with cutting blades from KAI? The handles should be made in China like all the others do.

My special thanks goes to the user Setent at Foroatfeitado, to Phil Deppen with his vlog  and also to the Geek Of Shaves with his great videos .

Without them I would never have found out that even in the small so well known razor world always some big surprises are possible.
Names or trademarks are property of their owners and just used for naming or description. I havn`t been payed or got free stuff for this blog, this is my personal opinion and all cost have been paid by myself.

The Dorco Pace 3D and the Dorco Pace4 Style hits Amazon under the Shave it brand

Good news if you are interested to buy Dorco razors and want access to the full range in Europe.

The new Dorco Pace 3D and the Dorco Pace 4 Style are now part of the Shave it family sold by amazon


The new Dorco Pace 3D is available under this link , the only difference is you get the new Dorco Pace 6 pro cartridge instead of the 7 blades one


If you want the 7 blades cartridge in Europe without buying via ebay you have to choose this link , not the newest cartridge, but the only one I know available inside Europe.

The Dorco Pace 4 Style can also be found at Amazon, just follow here ,
with the known new Doroc Pace 4 pro cartridge.


To check if the new razors are directly available switch to your country by changing the domain in the links (working and checked for .de, .it, .es, .fr ) and delivery country.

Both razors are at a higher price range then before known from the Shave it razors. Compared to the prices for imports  via ebay still bearable.

Here some pictures of the Dorco Pace 4 Style
37g without cartridge, metal frame with soft rubber, the silvergrey plastic upside looks a bit cheap.







The rest of the range

Shave it Value is a labeled TRA4000  with Pace 3 (V2) cartridge

Shave it Pro is a labeled FVA1000 or Dorco Pace 5 pro

Shave it Grand is a labeled SVA3000 or Dorco Pace Classic with a 6+1 Dorco Pace6+ cartridge

Shave it 4 blades is a labeled FRB5002, the Dorco Pace 4 style or Dorco Pace 4 pro

Shave it flexible is a labeled SXDA1000 orDorco Pace 3D with Dorco Pace6 pro cartridge 

All amazon links are just for your comfort and no referal links

Sunday, October 20, 2019

The new Dorco Pace 3D Motion - first review

Here we go
The razor arrived this weekend and I can give you a first review of all the new features.
I got the razor via ebay for $18 and found it on gmarket and ebay if you are outside of korea

Dorco started with a new package design, not the big plastic boxes like before, now a cardbox with glued blister, so less plastic. The RFID chip is inside the blister.

So have a first view on the new handle. Nice handling, good weight (51g) and excellent grip. The structure on the upper side of the handle is different from the Dorco Pace 6 Pro but also gives good control. On the lower side of the handle there is a soft rubber for optium grip

Dorco Pace 3D Motion handle detail1
nice logo detail in 3D
Dorco Pace 3D Motion system
the new cartridge with cap and the new 3D Motion system
Dorco Pace 3D Motion handle rubber
the different structures on the soft rubber
left the Dorco Pace 3D Motion - right the Dorco Pace 6 Pro

How does it work compared with the Gillette Flexball system?
First of all with less force. While the flexball needs a lot pressure to follow a curve, the Dorco Pace 3D Motion works nearly force free. IMHO it has a bit of a wobbler. It moves even if you only shake the razor gently. At the first moment it is like there is no feedback from the razor, but you have control about the movement every second.

Dorco Pace 3D Motion centered

As mentioned in the earlier post about the Dorco Pace 3D Motion the system is working with 2 magnets to recenter the cartridge position instead of the small spring steel at the Flexball. Maybe Dorco will change the strength of the magnets with a later edition of the 3D Motion system.

The angle of the movement looks the same for both razors.

Flexball vs. Dorco Pace 3D Motion
Flexball vs.Dorco Pace 3D Motion
You can see I have to fix the position of the Flexball to stay in that position cause of the force from the spring steel, while the Dorco Pace 3D Motion stays in the moved position.

What else is new?

The honeycomb structure of the rubber guard bar has changed compared to the original Dorco Pace 7, the docking system at the cartridge is modified, changing cartridges needs less force with the eject button. Those 2 changes also belongs to the Dorco Pace 7 II refresh, which has a blue color scheme with gunmetal instead yellow with chrome for the Pace 7 II. The Dorco Pace 7 II  has only the modified honeycomb bar. But I`m sure Dorco is always modifying and optimizing a lot of detail
The docking system is still compatible to all Dorco Pace cartridges starting at Dorco Pace 3

left Pace 7 original - right Pace 7 II refresh
old connection system Pace 7 original
modified connection system Pace 7 II refresh

The new cartridge for the Dorco Pace 3D Motion uses the new blades of the Dorco Pace Pro series but still has no trimming blade. The protective cap for the cartridge is a usefull detail while traveling.

new Dorco Pace 3D Motion blades vs. Pace 7 II refresh

Here the new handle of the Dorco Pace 3D Motion compared with the Pace 7 original and the new Dorco Pace 6 Pro handle

Here a small video with the new 3D Motion system and the Flexball

As always:
This is no promotional blog and the razor was bought and paid by myself. Trademarks or product names are property of their owners and only used for description. This post represents my personal opinion.

Friday, October 18, 2019

The new Dorco Pace 3D Motion

This year Dorco is hitting the market with one more new feature

Remember the first thought when I saw the rounded Dorco Pace 7 head of the handle - oh is there a movement possible? No not with that razor, but now there is the new Pace 3D Motion handle by Dorco

The new Dorco Pace 3D Motion comes with a flexible swivel on  the head for better follow the conturs of your face.

While I´m still waiting for my ordered razor to arrive I can only provide with a few screenshots

Different to the systems of Gillette, Personna/Schick this movement is controlled by magnets!

One magnet fixed in the handle and one magnet in the moving part of the pivot will controll the movement and the recentering of the razor head.

According to the pictures it should be a side to side movement, no aditional suspension of the head

I`m curious  how this new system  works in comparison to the other flexible systems on the market so far.
So stay tuned